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About the Breed. Descending from regional hunting dogs, the Japanese Akitainu was initially restored and preserved by dedicated breeders in the Akitainu Hozonkai (Akita Dog Preservation Society. The Akita Inu is handsome, calm, dignified, clean (easy to housebreak), and quiet (seldom barks). So it's understandable that he might be viewed as a desirable pet! However.... the Akita Inu has a complex personality that makes him very challenging to raise The Akita Inu is a large dog breed that originated in the northern part of Japan and dates back to a couple of centuries.. It is well known for its Territorial manner that makes it an excellent guard dog.. According to the American Kennel Club, two varieties of this breed exist- the American Akita and the Japanese Akita Inu (Inu is a Japanese word which means Dog) Akita Inu Temperament And Expected Behaviour. No man is an island, and no dog is a pack for itself. Just like humans need to learn how to build bridges in a society, dogs need to learn how to get along with other humans and animals. Proper socialization opens dogs to the greatest number of constructive activities and relationships The temperament of the Akita Inu is distinguished by courage, fortitude, and stubbornness. She is affectionate and loyal with loved ones, willingly plays, but she is distrustful of strangers, carefully studies new people. The representative of the breed will be happy to take part in all your affairs. He will collect the scattered children's toy

The typical Akita temperament is one of confidence and loyalty. They are known for being powerful, independent, and courageous. There are actually two strains of the Akita: the Japanese Akita and the American Akita. They can be aggressive if not properly trained and can be aggressive towards other dogs The Akita dog is a very beautiful and large breed of dog. It is a powerful, independent and dominant breed, commonly aloof with strangers but affectionate with family members. It is also known by some other names such as Akita Inu, Japanese Akita and Great Japanese Dog. The Akita dogs were originated from northern Japan The Akita is a large, powerful dog with a decidedly sturdy appearance. Being only slightly longer than he is tall, the Akita's appearance is well balanced. The full, curled tail is proportionate with the large head. The male Akita stands between 26 and 28 inches and weighs about 110 pounds (50 kilograms)

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An Akita's trademark is the plush tail that typically curls over his back. Each dog's tailset is unique. When you see a group of Akitas tails, very few look the same. Courtesy Linda Igemi. An. The Akita Inu's coat is double-layered which ranges in size from short to mid-length. The Akita Inu's one and only eye color is brown. There is a decent range of colors an Akita Inu can be. This breed's coat colors include fawn, sesame, pinto, brindle, red and white How The Japanese Describe The Shiba Inu Dog Breed. In Japan, the NIPPO, or Japanese kennel club, have a very unique way of describing the Shiba Inu temperament with three words: kan-i, ryosei, and sobuku.. Kan-i: This describes the Shiba Inu's confidence, bravery, and boldness that is subsequently balanced with composure and mental fortitude. Shiba Inu's therefore may be fierce and. White and Black Akita Inu is highly popular among Lovers of this Breed; Varieties. There are two varieties of Akita Inu - American and Japanese. Although few Japanese Akita puppies survived the destruction caused by the World War II, the American versions are more abundant in number. German Akitas are a cross between an Akita and a German shepherd

The Akita Inu is intelligent with a high reasoning power right from its puppy days, and because of this trait they get bored very easily. Mouthing is one more of its distinguished traits. It loves to carry everything in its mouth. They are intolerant and aggressive with other dogs, especially those of the same sex Honest FAQ for Akitas (2021) By Michele Welton, Dog Trainer, Behavioral Consultant, Author of 15 Dog Books. The Akita has a complex temperament and should not be purchased on a whim. Buy this breed only from a show breeder, and make sure you see BOTH parents and preferably some grandparents. Be very careful with this breed - mistakes could. The Akita's basic temperament, shaped for different purposes, gives it a different approach to life. Protectiveness is definitely there but takes a backseat to other facets of the dog's personality. If our Akita's bark in the night, we know they have a good reason. They know people don't skulk around after dark Akita Inu is a Japanese breed of dogs that does not go unnoticed due to its imposing, strong, and powerful looks. They are fearless and brave, yet they behave in a calm, quiet, and dignified manner Contact Name: Paul & Stacey Borrmann. Contact Phone: 408-842-4140. Contact Email: mojoakitas@gmail.com. Contact Website: www.MojoAkitas.com. Breeding Akita's since 2004 for show and companionship with an emphasis on health and temperament. Breeder of the Top Winning Akita in breed history. Breeder of several All breed Best In Show winning.

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  1. Testosterone, an enhancing hormone, is excellent for building muscle and when you're preventing other male invaders from your territory, but it can also affect temperament. Male Akitas can be a bit stubborn and rigid, needing clear direction from their owners
  2. Akita Temperament. Its loyalty to its owner is one of the strongest qualities of the Akita Inu. As Hachiko's story goes, the breed's devotion and faithfulness go well beyond death itself. Nothing can ever separate a loyal Akita from its beloved owner. The world of the Akita Inu revolves around its small, compact human family
  3. The Akita (秋田犬, Akita-inu, Japanese pronunciation: [akʲita.inɯ]) is a large breed of dog originating from the mountainous regions of northern Japan.There are two separate varieties of Akita: a Japanese strain, commonly called Akita Inu (inu means dog in Japanese) or Japanese Akita, and an American strain, known as the Akita or American Akita
  4. The Akita is a large and powerful dog bree d with a noble and intimidating presence. They were originally used for guarding royalty and nobility in feudal Japan. These dogs also tracked and hunted..
  5. The Akita Inu Temperament is one of the few working breeds that can mix both the temperament of the Terrier and that of the Herding Dog. This means that this dog has a good temperament and also has the necessary drive to perform. This combination means that the Akita Inu Temperament is somewhat fearless
  6. The Japanese Akita has a size range from 23-25 inches (59-64cm), while they can weigh between 65 and 120 pounds (30-55 kg). The American Akita can grow to a heigh between 24 and 26 inches (61 and 71 cm) and can weigh between 70 and 130 pounds (32 and 60 kg). Another notable difference is the head appearance - an American Akita has a bear head.
  7. Much like Pit Bull dogs, the Akita Inu has a scissor-like jaw.This means that its bite is extremely powerful, and its jaw cannot be pried open until the dog decides to let go.. Another reason why the Akita Inu is considered a potentially dangerous dog is its physique.A male Akita Inu can weigh up to 65 kg (145 pounds) and measure up to 67 centimeters (26 inches) in height

The Akita is courageous, dignified, and profoundly loyal. This breed of dog is revered in its native land of Japan for being a family protector. The Akita is quiet, wary of strangers, and often intolerant of other animals. Akitas can also be fun-loving, silly, and very affectionate with their owners Akita inu rasa caine loial trasaturi si caracteristicile Published 16 februarie 2021 by admin Akita Inu sau Akita japonez este o rasă de câini originară din insula Honshu The Akita Inu is known for its striking and powerful appearance. They have a solid and sturdy build that is known to stop people in their tracks and is one of the main reasons they make such impressive watchdogs. The Akita Inu weights anywhere from 75-115 pounds, and can stand at up to 68 cm in height

Akita Inu does not accept pressure and harsh training methods. Achieving results and raising an obedient dog can only be achieved by encouraging the correct execution of commands with treats, praise, and affection. The Akita Inu temperament trait includes a tendency towards independence, independence The Shiba Inu temperament and personality. Here is an overview of the Shiba Inu dog and ways to train your dog The Shiba Inu temperament and personality. Akita. The male typically grows up to 16.5 inches and weighs around 23 pounds. The female can stand after 15 inches and can weigh up to 17 pounds akita inu temperamento impasible. Si haz mirado a un akita por primera vez tal ves tu instinto de humano te dice que no te metas con el, ya que su aspecto físico con cabeza grande, musculoso. Pero yo te invito a que no te guíes por la apariencia veamos si personalidad y carácter es Digno, alerta o dócil tiene agresión o calmado

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The Akita is a larger Japanese dog breed, well known for its skills as a family guardian. The Akita was developed in the 17 th century, and he is the largest of the Spitz-type dogs.His creator, a banished aristocrat, spent his days on a northern Japanese island, creating a large and versatile hunting dog.. Over several decades the Akita was developed.He was powerful enough to hunt wild boar. Terra Nova. Origine: Canada Media de vârstă: 9- 15 ani Înalțime: Masculi: 70-75 cm Femele: 60-70 cm Greutate: Masculi: 60-70 kg Femele: 45-55 kg Temperament: Inteligent, docil, prietenos, calm Dresaj: Uşor de dresat Boli specifice: Specialiştii recomandă precauţie în ceea ce priveşte eventualele problem de ordin genetic Culori: Negru, gri, maro, alb-negru Caracteristici și. Japanese Akita Inu Info, Temperament, Puppies, Pictures The Akita Inu, also known as the Japanese Akita, the Great Japanese Dog and the Akita-ken, are found in the mountainous terrains of northern Japan is one of the two varieties of the Akita spitz breed (the other variety of this group being the Akita or American Akita) Akita Temperament. The Akita is a strong, independent, willful dog with a dignified bearing and courageous personality. This can often lead to territorial behavior and distrust or indifference of strangers. It can also act aggressively toward other dogs, particularly those of the same sex The Akita Inu shares many of the same appearance and personality characteristics with the Shiba Inu; however, they posess a much larger body. Weighing in between 70 and 130 pounds, these large, muscular dogs have an impressive appearance, and their thick hair coat in colors such as brindle, white and black makes them look even larger than they are

Shiba Inu Personality -. Good, Bad, & Quirky. The Shiba Inu is a beautiful Spitz dog. You will get many compliments and turn many heads, while walking next to a Shiba. A Shiba can get you a lot of attention, and open doors to many social encounters. Get used to hearing, He looks just like a fox!. In fact, it is this foxy look that often. Akita Inu (dogs), with their fluffy coat, round eyes, and an adorable tail that curls up, are now famous worldwide. Akita dogs have a strong body and are best known for their loyal personality. The number of Akita dogs raised overseas continues to increase. In Akita Prefecture, the Akita dog's birthplace, there is an active movement to.

Akita vs Shiba Inu Temperament. Temperament is a major factor that you should consider when choosing a new dog to bring home. Let's take a detailed look at the personalities of these two Japanese breeds. Akita Temperament. The story about Hachiko demonstrated that Akitas are loyal and devoted to their families The height of an American Akita ranges from 24-28 inches at the shoulder, and the breed can weigh between 70-130 pounds. He has a massive head with a broad muzzle, pointy ears, and small, deep-set brown eyes. His thick double coat, which sheds minimally and needs regular brushing, can be any color, including white, brindle, or pinto, with. The ancestors of the Akita were called matagi-inu which means hunting dog. Dogs of the breed were often used as fighting dogs in the late 1800's and crossed with other breeds in order to improve fighting ability. In 1927, the Akita Inu Hozonkai Society of Japan was formed with a goal of preserving the original Akita and in 1931 the. The Japanese Akita Inu . The Akita Inu or also called Japanese Akita is a dog breed that comes from Japan, Asia, and in its native country, it is considered a national treasure. It has been revered as a symbol of good health, prosperity, and good fortune. In their honor, and following the history of Hachiko, this wonderful breed was awarded a national monument

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  1. Akita temperament Vs Shiba Inu temperament. The Akita is a natural-born protector. They're viewed as family protectors, with their size alone enough to put off any would-be intruders. They've got a deep sense of loyalty to their family unit. The AKC emphasises that courage and loyalty should be traits of the breed
  2. The Akita Shiba mix will weigh around 30 to 45 pounds when fully grown, and is considered a medium-sized breed, with a stocky and strong body. Depending on their heritage, they may be a little smaller or larger, as the Shiba part of them is known as being a far more compact type of dog. With the proper care and regular exercise, an Akita Shiba.
  3. Akita puppies for sale Texas. Akita puppies for sale in Michigan Akita Inu for sale Akita Rescue Ohio Akita puppies for sale in Indiana Akita puppies for sale Cleveland Ohio Breeders in Ohio White Akita puppies for sale Ohio Akita puppies for sale in Kentucky. Best Akita breeders Akita puppies for sale Brisbane Akita puppies for sale Tasmania.
  4. The origins of today's Japanese dog breeds can be traced back thousands of years. After millennia of crossbreeding and fine-tuning, it is widely accepted that there are just six breeds native to Japan: Shiba Inu, Hokkaido Inu, Kai Ken, Shikoku Ken, Kishu Ken and Akita Inu. (Haruo Isogai, a Japanese cynologist, identified these breeds in his 1930 study on the history of Japanese dogs.) Other.

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The Akita Inu, the pride of Japan, is actually the biggest of all six native Japanese dog breeds - others being the Shiba Inu, Kai Ken, Shikoku, Hokkaido, and the Kishu.This is an incredibly beautiful Spitz-type dog that is best known after its great strength, amazing loyalty and dominant attitude.Indeed, the Akitas are above anything else very tough, powerful, brave, determined, athletic. Akita Inu este o rasă de câini originară din insula Honshu.Numele este împrumutat de la cel al prefecturii Akita, situată în partea de nord-vest, unde s-a stabilit că au apărut primele exemplare, prin secolul al XVII-lea, create în scopul participării la vânătoarea de urși, mistreți și alte animale mari Shiba Inu. As mentioned earlier, the Shiba Inu is slightly smaller than the Shikoku Inu.. Oh, and by the way, Inu means dog in Japanese. A full-grown Shiba Inu reaches a height of 13 - 17 inches (33 - 43 cm) and a weight of 15 - 24 pounds (7 - 11 kg).. This dog is the smallest out of the six native Japanese breeds Imo Inu. Imo Inu is a cross between the American Eskimo Dog and the Shiba Inu. These jolly dogs have a stout build and a handsome appearance. Their heads are wedge-shaped, while their legs, backs, hips, shoulders and loins are muscular and robust. Their faces are very expressive with dark, almond-shaped eyes with a black, triangular nose

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Breed review: Akita Inu puppies and dogs. Posted by Argos, November 26th 2015, last updated September 11th 2020. The Akita Inu has been helping people since the 17 th century and can be traced back to north east Japan, where the dogs were used for hunting bears. The word inu means dog in Japanese and the animals were also used for fetching and security Akita Inu. The Japanese type of Akita, the Akita Inu, is shorter and less muscular than the American Akita. At maturity, the Akita Inu stands between 24 to 26 inches high at the shoulder, weighing between 75 and 120 pounds, with males larger than females. The Japanese consider the Akita Inu as a living work of art Shiba Inu . Height: 13-16 inches Weight: 19-30 lb Lifespan: 12-15 years Group: AKC Non-Sporting Best Suited For: Families with children, active singles and seniors, houses with yards Temperament: Bold, fearless, independent, lively Comparable Breeds: Akita, Siberian Husky New Searc Hokkaido Dogs have an average energy level, so if you live a semi-active life, this breed can be a good choice for you. Shiba Inus have a higher energy level than other dog breeds. Akitas have a higher energy level than other dog breeds. Exercise Need. Hokkaido Dogs have an average exercise need

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  1. Akita Inu Temperament. The Akita Inu is a territorial dog breed. They can be aloof and cautious around strangers, which may be the reason why the Japanese view them as the best guard dogs. However, the most notable trait of the Akita is loyalty unlike any other dog
  2. The Akita is very well suited to the coldest of climates, and while they might not enjoy hot weather, their coat does lighten considerably in the warmer months to compensate for the heat. Temperament: The personality of the Akita is very complex. While temperaments vary, most would agree that the Akita is very intelligent, extremely loyal, and.
  3. The Akita, also referred to as the Akita Inu or the Japanese Akita, is a Japanese breed that is known for its bravery.This dog typically grows to about 24 to 28 inches and typically weighs between 75 and 110 pounds. Their coats come in a variety of colors from snow white to brindle
  4. I gather today the two breeds , the Akita Inu and the American Akita because they remain similar despite some small details. These beautiful Japanese dogs make us dream by their presence, beauty and strength Indeed, Akitas are incomparable loyal dogs, clever with a temperament approaching cats and their attitudes are sometimes very funny.
  5. Southwest Akitas | Albuquerque, N 87108. SouthWest Akitas, located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, has been dedicated to breeding, raising, and training superior quality Akitas for more than 10 years. We breed to produce Akitas that will be large, powerful, alert, with much substance and heavy bone, in accordance with the AKC Akita breed standard

Where Dogs Connect Akita and the World. Akita Inu (dogs), with their fluffy coat, round eyes, and an adorable tail that curls up, are now famous worldwide. Akita dogs have a strong body and are best known for their loyal personality. The number of Akita dogs raised overseas continues to increase Whether you have an Akita Inu (the Japanese Akita, which is the original breed) or an American Akita, bathing is a small part of overall grooming. These dogs have a very protective double coat that basically cleans itself due to the harsh guard hairs and the extremely thick, plush and nearly impenetrable undercoat

The smaller Shiba Inu weighs in at only 17 to 23 pounds and stands just over a foot tall at the shoulder. Although Shiba Inus are full of energy, because of their size they are much better suited to small homes and apartments. Akitas do well in larger homes with a yard so they can stretch out. Shiba Inu vs Akita Temperament: How do They Behave A fully-grown male can reach up to 26 to 28 inches and they can weigh between 100 and 130 pounds. Matured females can reach up to 24 or 26 inches in height and weigh around 70 to 100 pounds. An Akita owner must be strong and be patient enough to understand and deal with them. A Deeper Look Into the Akita Breed's Personalit

Akita Rescue Information: The Akita Inu, or Japanese Akita, is a large Spitz-type breed of dog. Akitas are intelligent, companionable animals and make excellent guard dogs. Akitas are willful and need firm training. Akitas are protective of children in their own families, but may be aggressive toward outsiders and should be supervised with. The Akita Inu will do okay in an apartment if it is sufficiently exercised. It is moderately active indoors and will do best with a large yard. Barking Tendencies: 1 stars. Rare. Cat Friendly: 3 stars. Child Friendly: 4 stars. Good with Kids: This is a suitable breed for kids and is known to be playful, energetic, and affectionate around them. Akita Inu Poodle mix (AkiPoo) Temperament, Size, Adoption, Lifespan Andy H.Lambert March 18, 2021. Akipoo is a hybrid dog breed that is obtained by breeding a Poodle and an Akita Inu. The poodle is an all-rounder dog breed that is commonly used for the purpose of cross-breeding. Akipoo dog breeds are more like their parents named Akita Inu The American Akita or Great Japanese Dog is a powerful Spitz type hound originating from Japan, not the USA as its widely accepted name suggests. This is actually quite a young breed that was developed from Akita Inu dogs after the World War II.At that time, Japan was under occupation of the USA and US servicemen were regularly sent on tour in that land. Some of those soldiers fell in love.

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  1. The Akita Inu is considered a national dog of Japan and is one of seven breeds designated as a Natural Monument. The breed has had many uses, such as police and military work, a guard dog (government and civilian), a fighting dog, a hunter of bear and deer and a sled dog. The Akita Inu is a versatile hunting dog, able to hunt in inclement weather
  2. The average height will be slightly lower for the Japanese Akita than for the American, and the female is only slightly shorter than the male. The Japanese Akita will grow to about 25-27.5 inches (64-70 cm) with a weight of 70-85 pounds (32-39 kg) for males and 22-25 inches (58-64 cm) with a weight of 48-64 pounds (23-29 kg) for females
  3. The Akita, also known as the Akita Inu, the Japanese Akita, the Japanese Deerhound, the Shishi Inu and the Nippon Inu, was recognized as part of Japan's national heritage in 1931, and is treated as a national monument.Well-bred Akitas are affectionate with friends and family members and thrive on human companionship. They are somewhat reserved with strangers and can be extremely defensive.
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  1. e the temperament of these dogs is to look up the different breeds in the dog's history and deter
  2. Akita Inu - breeders, temperament, training, puppy raising Last Post RSS Juska. Noble Member Pats Friends. So in the next year or two, I've decided I am buying my first home (hoping to close on one by winter 2020). Nothing huge or expensive, just a single family home with a yard and a garage so I can do car stuff and have pets
  3. g temperament and a Flashy disposition that pleases the eye are among the characteristics of our breeding programme . However we vehemently strive for impeccable temperament,big bone and magnificent coats. Our Akita Puppies are AKC Registered. Our male Akita puppies grow up to be breed specific and full of substance

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Akita Inu is the Japanese strain of the Akita Spitz dogs, and they have been originated in Japan. The Matai dog was their ancestors, which has been a great hunting dog that could hunt a range of animals including large animals such as deer and bear The ancient ancestors of the Akita, called Odate dogs, were revered guardians, hunters, and fighters. Exposure to European Mastiffs and Great Danes increased the size of the Akita dog. The Japanese breeders preferred smaller dogs, so they organized the Akita-inu Hozankai Society in 1918 to ensure the health and integrity of the breed Akitas are large, strong dogs known for their independence and thick double coat. The akita is known for being loving and loyal to family members, and is a great watchdog. It was first bred in Japan and was a popular and much revered member of society. Akitas come in two types: the Japanese akita, known as the akita inu, and the American akita The Japanese bred him as a fighting dog with a great temperament. They need space and should not be confined. Other Names: Akita Inu, Japanese Akita, Shishi Inu. Type: Northern Breeds. Height: 24 - 28 inches Weight: 75 - 130 lbs. Colors: Any colors including white, brindle and pinto, with or without a mask The American Akita is generally larger than the Akita Inu. Akita Inus are 23 to 25 inches in height for females, and 25 to 28 inches in height for males. American Akitas tend to be an inch taller for both males and females. Akita Inus range from 70 to 120 lbs., with the average weight at 85 lbs. for females and 100 lbs. for males

The Akita is the national dog of Japan. By: Pati Regina Breed. Akita. Group. Working. Physical Description. The American Akita and the Akita Inu (Japanese Akita) are considered one breed with slight differences in size in the United States and Canada. Large but balanced, the Akita is a powerful guard dog known to hunt in silence Akita Temperament and Personality. The Akita is a powerful and independent dog with a bold nature. He is devoted to and protective of his family, especially children, but aloof toward strangers and potentially aggressive toward dogs he doesn't know. He can mistake the high-pitched screams and rough play between children as actual fighting and. The ancient Akita Inu breed has protected Japan for over 10,000 years. Commonly referred to as simply Akita, this dog built its legacy hunting in packs and taking down everything from deer to wild boars and even bears! Built for winter, their webbed paws allow them to be agile hunters. Their reputation has led them to become a symbol of.