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  1. Leonidas wants to give you a moment of pure pleasure. That is why our master chocolatiers only use chocolate with 100% pure cocoa butter. Chocolate with dark cocoa butter is a real pleasure. Enjoy Leonidas praline on any occasion
  2. Maître chocolatier Gérald: a childhood dream becomes a reality. Born in Vilvoorde on 11 October 1982. Chocolate: Gérald De Brandt has thought about nothing else since his tenth birthday. At the age of 12, this irresistible drive led him to embark on a six-year training course at the Wemmel sport and hotel management school
  3. About Leonidas. Leonidas has had a single mission since 1913: to make the most delicious and highest quality chocolates accessible to everyone. Our Belgian chocolates are now sold in more than 1,300 shops throughout the world. More than 100 varieties of chocolates, all made from chocolate with 100% pure cocoa butter

After being appointed as manager of a patisserie, Souad came to work at Leonidas in 2012. As a Master Chocolatier, she works with tastes and flavours to create astonishing chocolates and pralines. Every chocolate reflects the passion of our Master Chocolatiers. Discover Leonidas chocolates Leonidas Belgian Chocolates offers a wide & exclusive assortment of chocolate & Belgian pralines, truffles, butter creams, Orangettes, and marzipan. Our signature pieces include Manon Cafe, Manon Blanc, Gianduja, Napolitains, and more. The chocolates are made in Belgium and imported fresh from Brussels

Leonidas Belgian Chocolates. Due to construction and staff vacation, shipments for weeks of July 26-August 1 and August 2-8 will be delayed to August 9th GET IN TOUCH! Signup for our newsletter & promotions! Copyright © 2016 Leonidas@Confiserie Benji Limited All Rights Reserved Leonidas aujourd'hui, Un siècle de fraîcheur, de générosité et de tradition. Aujourd'hui, Leonidas est un chocolatier renommé à travers le monde, proposant plus de 100 sortes différentes de chocolats belges dans 1400 points de vente à travers le monde comme ici, à la Réunion

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  1. 100% made in Belgium Buy at the best price Delivery straight from Belgium We ship all over EUROPE moments of pure happiness Fresh Belgian Chocolate
  2. Leonidas wil je een moment van puur genot bezorgen. Daarom gebruiken onze meester- chocolatiers enkel chocolade met 100% pure cacaoboter. Chocolade met pure cacaoboter is een echt opkikkertje. Eén Leonidas-praline en de hele wereld lacht met je mee
  3. Leonidas Maitre Chocolatier Collection . Home * Mother's Day May 9; Leonidas Maitre Chocolatier Collection; Sale!.
  4. Leonidas Chocolates General Assortment from $ 28.00. Quick Shop. Leonidas Chocolates General Assortment. $ 28.00. This assortment includes the Manon Blanc and Manon Cafe alongside a representative sampling of fresh... View full product details. Size. 0.5 lb 1.0 lb 1.5 lb 2.0 lb
  5. Leonidas M'B este prima ciocolaterie belgiana deschisa in Romania de Leonidas in 2001. Descopera acum oferta noastra de ciocolata belgiana si praline gourmet
  6. Leonidas Chocolates, Fresh Belgian Chocolates, Chocolate Bars, Ballotins, Napolitans, Gifts for Christmas, Christmas chocolates, Valentines Chocolates Our online shipping is closed for the summer season, we will begin shipping chocolate again with the cooler weather in the Fall
  7. dful of your allergies when purchasing*** ***Expiry date is at least 6 months from the day of purchased or longer*** Standard shipping within Canada normally takes between 3-10 business days Standar

Surprise your loved ones, business contacts, or employees with Leonidas giftboxes, assorted boxes filled with delicious pralines from Leonidas Maitre Chocolatier. Leonidas chocolates make for the perfect gift and provide a creamy, melt-in-your-mouth goodness for those with a sweet tooth Products - ishopchangi.co Variety. Choose an option All Dark Chocolates All Milk Chocolates Assorted Chocolates. Size. Choose an option 1Kg 250g 500g 750g. Clear. Sugar Free Assortment quantity. Add to cart. SKU: 24 Category: Ballotins

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You can't go wrong with Leonidas Belgian chocolates. Surprise your loved ones, business contacts, or employees with Leonidas giftboxes, assorted boxes filled with delicious pralines from Leonidas Maitre Chocolatier. Leonidas chocolates provide a creamy, melt-in-your-mouth goodness for those with a sweet tooth Milk Chocolate Colouring Pencils, 72g. The Maître Chocolatier does not forget the youngest lovers of good chocolate. These delicious pencils are all in milk chocolate and covered with white chocolate decorated with pretty colors. S old in a pre-packed box of 8 pencils Leonidas Maitre Chocolatier Dark 70% Cocoa Chocolate Bar - 100 gram Pack (Pack of 3) ***Please be mindful of your allergies when purchasing*** ***Expiry date is at least 6 months from the day of purchased or longer*** Standard shipping within Canada normally takes between 3-10 business day Belgian chocolatier Leonidas has added a third assortment to its 'For You' gifting collection. A six-piece box contains two blond chocolate hearts with a coffee dulce de leche filling, two milk chocolate hearts with vanilla cream and two dark chocolate hearts with a chocolate ganache centre The Leonidas Maître Chocolatier has crafted a new assortment of Leonidas Easter mini-eggs in milk, dark and white chocolate with 19 different caramel, praliné and ganache fillings for the limited-edition Easter 2019 Collection.. The latest addition to the flavoured eggs assortment is the Cookies & Cream filling, encased in milk chocolate, which has been created exclusively for this year's.

Leonidas Dark Chocolate Assortment. $ 54.00. For those who truly enjoy the purest bittersweet chocolate taste, a well-balanced and representative selection of Leonidas' chocolatier masterpieces in dark chocolate covering to dazzle the most discerning palate. Assorted with fresh butter cream, ganache, caramel, and praline fillings in dark. Coffret Héritage Leonidas. Ce coffret contient environ 32 chocolats.Parfait pour une dégustation seul ou à deux. Ce coffret garni d'un assortiment de chocolats Leonidas. 100% beurre de cacao, 100 Some of Leonidas Belgian Chocolates are Gluten Free and as all Leonidas' products made with 100% Cocoa Butter. Indulge with the best selling Orangettes or try the assorted Ballotin of Gluten Free pieces

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  1. The box I bought was the gold Maitre Chocolatier 1913 and the taste was worth a 5. BUT: Half of the 16 chocolates were melted when they arrived in the first week in April. (Some boxes of Gudrun chocolates arrived within 24 hours of the Leonidas and they were all in perfect condition - Gudrun is also a Most Superior Chocolate!
  2. The limited edition Truffle Festival by Leonidas promises to brighten the fall season for shoppers. Leonidas Maître Chocolatier would like to welcome the autumn season with the limited edition Truffle Festival. The three new limited edition truffles will be presented together with two well-loved Truffle Pearl classics in a contemporary gift box
  3. Une somptueuse sélection de nos chocolats belges Leonidas, placés comme des bijoux dans cet écrin cadeau très spécial. Découvrez quelques-uns de nos chocolats iconiques Leonidas tels que le praliné Gianduja, le croquant CASALEO, le Caramel d'Alexandre et la Mosaique. Un merveilleux cadeau de pur plaisir pour votre bien-aimé, choisi avec soin par le Maitre Chocolatier Leonidas
  4. Crayons en chocolat 72g. Leonidas. (Code: 4003119) En Stock. 6,50 €. 150g. Quantité : - +. Ajouter au Panier. Le Maître Chocolatier Leonidas n'oublie pas les plus jeunes amateurs de bon chocolat belge avec ce nouveau produit coloré et ludique spécialement pour ces petits gourmands : de jolis crayons colorés
  5. Salon du Chocolat de Paris, fête le CENTENAIRE de LEONIDAS. Le chocolatier belge Leonidas célèbre son centenaire cette année au Salon du chocolat de Paris. R..
  6. History. Daskalidès is characterized by a family tradition in the production of quality affordable chocolate products. After the Greek family Daskalidès-Kestekides established in Ghent in 1923, Daskalidès produced and sold craft-made pralines. Later, his son, Jean Daskalidès, would take over the lead and conquer the international market
  7. Leonidas. (Code: COF-5BAR) Disponible sous 4 jours. 12,30 €. 300g. Coffret cinq Bâtons. Un coffret incluant un assortiment de cinq bâtons au chocolat pour découvrir les saveurs sélectionnées par le Maitre Chocolatier Leonidas. Poids net 250g // Poids brut 275g // Soit 49,20€ le kilo. DLUO : Min. 30 jours

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Carefully selected Ballotin fresh Cream by our Leonidas Maître Chocolatier to give you a delicious taste of our fresh cream chocolates. The perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries or to show your love any day of the year. Manon Café, filled with a light coffee-flavoured fresh butter cream and topped with a roasted hazelnut. Mystère, with pistachio-flavoured butter cream filling and a. Leonidas' Napolitains are individually wrapped chocolate wafers that come in 7 distinctively enjoyable flavors. The decorated packaging makes for an ideal gift Surprise your loved ones, business contacts, or employees with Leonidas giftboxes, assorted boxes filled with delicious pralines from Leonidas Maitre Chocolatier

Kinder, Lindt, Leonidas, du dégoût au bon goût : mon verdict de maître chocolatier Publié le 20-04-2014 à 12h07 - Modifié à 13h26 15 réactions | 19394 l Crafted with skill and passion by the Leonidas Maitre Chocolatier, with milk, dark and white chocolate and our delicious pralin, ganache, creams and caramel fillings. A thoughtful gift for loved ones. Presented in our classic Leonidas ballotin gift box which is the original way Belgians have enjoyed Leonidas for over 100 years The 20th small Leonidas egg with a heart of gold. Discover the small Gold egg within the large family of 20 Leonidas chocolate Easter eggs. Its marbled milk chocolate shell houses a golden blond chocolate ganache with an intense caramel flavour as well as sparkling little cane sugar crystals. A surprising flavour, deliciously caramelised and crisp

Leonidas a été désigné chocolatier officiel de la Cour Royale de Belgique. C'est un véritable honneur d'avoir reçu ce prestigieux brevet royal, qui a entériné le rôle de Leonidas en tant qu'ambassadeur de son pays d'origine et fournisseur de chocolat belge de haute qualité Un merveilleux cadeau de pur plaisir pour votre bien-aimé, choisi avec soin par le Maitre Chocolatier Leonidas. Présenté dans notre boîte à bijoux rouge élégant à deux tiroirs, qui inclut un assortiment de 30 chocolats. Vos magasins à l'ile de la Réunion

Leonidas Maître Chocolatier crafts 2019 Easter collection March 15, 2019 Comments Off on Leonidas Maître Chocolatier crafts 2019 Easter collection 1,336 Views The latest addition to the flavoured eggs assortment is the Cookies & Cream fillin Leonidas Chocolates Cyprus, Vector. 3,563 likes · 37 talking about this · 47 were here. Leonidas Belgium Chocolates Main Store and Distributors Cypru

Inside the box, customers will find 13 recipes of ganaches, pralinés and caramels selected by Leonidas Maître Chocolatier to mark the occasion. Crafted in Belgium from fresh ingredients including 100% cocoa butter, the Leonidas Chinese New Year Dora selection is alcohol-free to appeal to all consumers. Most popular rss Venez les découvrir dans votre magasin de Landerneau ou vous pourrez également remplir un bon pour gagner un oeuf géant de 8Kg, 65 cm de haut fabriqué par notre maitre chocolatier Daniel 3 Dans votre magasin Léonidas Landerneau, vous trouverez aussi, des Nougats, des Biscuits, des Dragées et autres confiseries ;- For a refreshing change try the traditional Leonidas Fruit Jellies Blended with fresh fruit pulp to give a genuine fruity taste The Leonidas assortment contains 10 wonderful flavours including; strawberry, apple, fig, pear, cherry, peach, tangerine, and pineapple Awaken your sense with this unique Leonidas fruity gift Search for kosher products by term `Leonidas` results 169 kosher products. The most relevant product is 7.90 € Leonidas MAITSE CHOCOLATI 3 DARK ASSORTMENT 19 chocolates Leonidas The Preferred Belgian Choceolates MAITRE CHOCOLATIER 3 No alcohol Net weight 215g -7.58oz e with status No Information. Information is obtained from CER Consumer List Leonidas Chocolates Amsterdam. 176 likes. Simply a fanpage, not managed by Leonidas

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International Duty Free (IDF) and Leonidas have partnered to launch the limited edition 16-piece Manon Ruby Chocolate Collection in travel retail at Brussels Airport Zaventem this month. Available i Ballotin aux couleurs douces et printanières garnis d'un assortiment de délicieuses pralines au chocolat noir, au lait et blanc, praliné, au caramel, à la crème préparées par notre Maître Chocolatier Leonidas. Fabrication traditionnelle, 100% pur beurre de cacao Leonidas brings you. Leonidas, Belgian Since 1913; Discover Our Chocolate Leonidas Nogent sur Marne. 206 likes · 24 were here. Vente de pralines Leonidas, dragées Médicis et thé Damman Leonidas propose aujourd'hui des chocolats avec une teneur bien moins élevée en sucre en utilisant notamment le maltitol. Que cela soit du chocolat noir, blanc ou au lait, Leonidas propose des chocolats sans sucre ajouté, 100 % pur beurre de cacao et ainsi sans huile de palme.Ces chocolats sans sucre ajouté n'attendent que d'être.

57 Likes, 3 Comments - BPR France (@bpr_france) on Instagram: • PAUSE PETIT-DEJEUNER LEONIDAS • Le Maître-chocolatier Belge Leonidas vient de lancer sa Gamm Le Maître-Chocolatier Leonidas propose pas moins de 20 recettes de petits œufs de Pâques, ainsi que d'adorables figurines en chocolat. Leonidas Beauraing. March 23 · Leonidas Beauraing. March 21 · Leonidas. March 10. C'est l'heure de votre horoscope chocolaté Discover the iconic pralines from Leonidas such as the Manon, the Louise, the Gianduja and many others. Confectionery. Enjoy the candid fruits, marzipan and many other delicacies. Classic. Special items for special occasions. Seasonal. Our seasonal offerings with irresistible flavours. Tea Discover the vibrant taste experience of Leonidas Orangettes, created by our Leonidas Maître Chocolatier. Traditionally candied, tangy orange zest smothered in fresh and crisp dark chocolate makes a gift of pure indulgence you'll fall in love with Et grâce à notre concours, vous pouvez gagner un œuf géant Leonidas dans un de nos magasins. Tentez votre chance ! Pour tous les amoureux de chocolat et de chasse aux œufs, notre Maître Chocolatier a créé de magnifiques œufs géants de 8 kg de délicieux chocolat Leonidas, 100% pur beurre de cacao

Arpajon Ville Commerçante is at Leonidas Arpajon. June 11, 2016 · Arpajon, France Salon des vins et fromages et produits du terroir sous la halle : Nous vous présentons le stand de la Belle Illoise tenu par Jean Pierre du magasin LEONIDAS Arpajon (106 grande rue) Ingredients, allergens, additives, nutrition facts, labels, origin of ingredients and information on product Maître chocolatier - Leonidas Belgian brand Leonidas Maitre Chocolatier has created a collection of chocolate confectionery for Valentine's Day, wrapped in gift boxes. The 16-piece St Valentine Gift Box 155g depicts a couple sharing a box of chocolates inside a glass globe surrounded by doves and hearts. Inside is a selection of chocolate hearts in four limited-edition. Assortiment de pâtes de fruits fondantes et délicatement parfumées aux 8 fruits. Ballotins de 250gr, 375gr, 500gr, 750gr ou 1kg. Les Mendiants Léonidas : une alliance parfaite entre le fondant des chocolats, le croquant des fruits secs, la saveur des noisettes, et le moelleux des raisins. Ballotins de 250gr, 375gr, 500gr, 750gr et 1kg

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Alors ce coffret cadeau élégant avec des chocolats belges traditionnels fait fureur! Leonidas est fier de sa longue tradition de qualité, de savoir-faire et de passion en tant que maître chocolatier depuis 1913. Découvrez cette belle sélection de pralines au chocolat noir, blanc et au lait. Poids net 600g // Poids brut 800g // Soit 49.16. Commandez vos chocolats Leonidas sur Online-shop, Livraison de Chocolat e-shop leonidas. Leonidas Boutique - Nouveau ! 1€ = 1 point - Découvrez notre programme de fidélité ! Accueil Compte Contact. OK Leonidas has partnered with International Duty Free at Brussels Zaventem Airport to stage the exclusive travel retail launch this month of the new limited-edition 16-piece Manon Ruby Chocolate Collection. The brand's Maître Chocolatier has reinvented the Manon, the most famous Leonidas chocolate piece, using ruby chocolate, a naturally pink.

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The limited-edition collection of truffles is designed to banish the end of summer blues. It features three new truffles as well as two existing favourites Confiserie Leonidas S.A. CERIA-IPIAT. Report this profile MAITRE CHOCOLATIER Neuhaus 1986 - 2008 22 years. Education Production manager bij Neuhaus Créateur Chocolatier Since 1857 Flemish Region, Belgium. Lieven Van Speybroeck Owner.

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You can't miss this Brussels-based Maitre Chocolatier. Each of their locations carried a selection of 15 flavors of bonbons available in bags, or pre-cooked selections in boxes along either wall. Their macarons, chocolate spread, and thin chocolate bark are some of their small selection in the particular outlet I visited in Bruges Voisin, chocolatier artisanal référent de Lyon, vous présente ses chocolats, cafés, spécialités de France, coussin, pralines, papillote Leonidas Maître Chocolatier is set to extend its luxury product range with new Coupes Assortment and Suprême Ganaches Collection. Both will be unveiled at the TFWA World Exhibition (Blue Village, D24).The 12-piece Leonidas Coupes Assortment contains four alcohol-free recipes which offer different flavour and texture combinations Max Chocolatier. To optimally enjoy our website, please keep your phone positioned in portrait mode Leonidas Officiel Maître chocolatier Leonidas, chocolat belge, à offrir ou à s'offrir. Ingrédients naturels et de qualité. 100% pur beurre de cacao, 0% d'huile de palme leonidas-choco.co

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The Mooncake Gift Box limited edition contains a Coupes Selection of seven delicate dessert pralines created by the Leonidas Maître Chocolatier: dark chocolate filled with almond milk ganache, marzipan and white chocolate; milk chocolate filled with praliné and caramelised nuts; dark chocolate with a zesty lemon cream and chopped hazelnuts; dark chocolate filled with white chocolate. Leonidas celebrates the Rising Moon Festival with limited edition by Helen Pawson, Brands Editor helen@moodiedavittreport.com Source: ©The Moodie Davitt Report 7 June 2016 Belgian chocolatier Leonidas has created a limited edition gift box to celebrate the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival of the Rising Moon in September Leonidas has launched a special edition chocolate gift box to celebrate Chinese New Year. The Belgian chocolatier has made over its Dora Gift Box in seasonal red and metallic gold. The design features peony flowers, which the company explained are a Chinese symbol of good fortune Created by the Leonidas Maître Chocolatier, the tiramisu flavour is alcohol-free and features a creamy filling and pieces of crunchy biscuit. Mini-eggs are wrapped in colour-coded foil and presented in either in a cellobag (250g or 500g), a metal Easter egg (350g), an egg-shaped gift box (280g), or a 12-piece reglette

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Be tempted by this new taste discovery, where the Maître Chocolatier invites you to an unforgettable travel of your senses. Net weight: 100 grams - 3,53 oz Dimensions: 25 x 10 x 3 cm Our chocolate is guaranteed 100% pure cocoa butter, 100% fresh and 100% Made in Belgium DARK70% COCOA Chocolat noir intense avec une teneur en cacao de 70%. Le chocolat pour les puristes. Notre Maître Chocolatier a combiné les meilleurs ingrédients de manière unique afin de créer un goût pur, légèrement amer, considéré par les gastronomes comme le goût ultime du chocolat. A base de cacao d'origin Un cadeau Leonidas unique pour les amateurs d'onctuosité avec un trio de chocolat au lait et praliné pur. Retrouvez le trio iconique du Maître Chocolatier, le Gianduja, le Giamanda, et le Giantina. Personnalisez votre ballotin, en choisissant parmi ces pralines Highlights of the Leonidas Christmas Collection 2018 include a red 14-piece Christmas tree-shaped gift box, an Advent calendar, and an eye-catching 31-piece Christmas Gold Gift Box containing a selection of smooth ganaches, pralinés and caramels in milk, dark and white chocolate selected specially by the Leonidas Maître Chocolatier

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Lindt Excellence Dark 85% Bar 100g. Lindt Pralines Du Confiseur Box 500g. Lindt Lindor White Truffles 200g. Lindt Excellence Dark Orange Intense Bar 100g. Lindt Creation Dessert Box 400g. Lindt Lindor Dark 60% Truffles 200g. Lindt Excellence Dark Sea Salt Bar 100g. Lindt Swiss Luxury Selection Box 195g 7.90 € Leonidas MAITSE CHOCOLATI 3 DARK ASSORTMENT 19 chocolates Leonidas The Preferred Belgian Choceolates MAITRE CHOCOLATIER 3 No alcohol Net weight 215g -7.58oz e Information is obtained from CER Consumer Lis

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LEONIDAS. 12,50 EUR. 600g . DARK54% NIBS Chocolat noir avec une teneur en cacao de 54% et des éclats de fèves de cacao grillées. Pour les connaisseurs en chocolat, notre Maître Chocolatier a ajouté des petits morceaux de fèves de cacao grillées à son chocolat noir 54% de cacao. L'équilibre parfait entre un goût intense et une texture. Leonidas Belgian Chocolates: 2 lbs Milk Chocolates Assortment. 4.6 out of 5 stars. 80. $106.00. $106. . 00 ($106.00/Count) $15.00 shipping. Leonidas Belgian Chocolate Rectangular Gift Box - 18 pcs

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Gerald De Brandt | Brussels Metropolitan Area | Maitre chocolatier at Léonidas | 15 connections | View Gerald's homepage, profile, activity, article Gift box, fresh milk, white and dark Leonidas Belgian chocolates, with our rich and delicious praliné, ganache and caramel fillings. Specially selected for you by our Maître Chocolatier, this assortment of our classic chocolates is perfect for enjoying and sharing at get-togethers and special celebrations Who wants to win delicious Leonidas chocolates and coffee from Badger & Dodo? 5 lucky winners will receive a box with the 7 scrumptious Maitre Chocolatier Leonidas chocolates while enjoying the finest aromatic coffee! Simply tag your chocolate and coffee pals for your chance to win Joining the selection of mini-chocolate eggs in a range of popular flavours, including white chocolate with puffed rice, milk chocolate with sugar pop and dark chocolate with vanilla cream, is a new tiramisu-flavoured egg created especially this year by the Leonidas Maître Chocolatier Heritage Gold Tin Luxury Assortment 25 Pcs A Luxury assortment in Gold Tin gift box filled with most popular pieces, Milk, White & Dark Luxurious golden gift box from Leonidas' heritage range. 25 chocolates of well balanced selection of fresh butter creams, pralines, soft caramels and ganaches Leonidas Milk Chocolate Assortment. $ 53.00. For those with a sweeter tooth, a well balanced and representative selection of Leonidas' chocolatier fresh butter cream, ganaches with fresh cream, pralines, and soft caramel centers, all in milk chocolate covering. Includes only milk chocolate covered pieces