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  1. Ascension Island is an isolated and relatively young volcanic island in the South Atlantic Ocean, some 100 km (62 mi) west of the mid-Atlantic Ridge, 1,504 km (935 mi) from Liberia (Cape Palmas), and 2,232 km (1,387 mi) from Brazil ().The nearest land is Saint Helena, 1,296 km (805 mi) to the south-east.. The Ascension Island is named after the day of its recorded discovery, Ascension Day
  2. Population. Uninhabited. One of the Southampton Island offshore island groups, the Ascension Islands are uninhabited islands located in Foxe Basin 's Foxe Channel, northwest of Caribou Island. They are part of the Kivalliq Region, in the Canadian territory of Nunavut
  3. RAF Ascension Island (IATA: ASI, ICAO: FHAW), also known as Wideawake Airfield or Ascension Island Auxiliary Field, is a military airfield and facility located on Ascension Island in the Atlantic Ocean.The airfield is jointly operated by the Royal Air Force (RAF) and the United States Space Force (USSF).. The facility is home to a U.S. Space Force ground tracking station in support of the.
  4. The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to Ascension Island: . Ascension Island - island in the South Atlantic Ocean, around 966 miles (1,600 km) from the coast of Africa.It is part of the British overseas territory of Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha; Saint Helena itself is 800 miles (1,287 km) to the south east
  5. The geology of Ascension Island is the geologically young, exposed part of a large volcano, 80 kilometers west of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The island formed within the last six to seven million years and is primarily mafic rock with some felsic rock. Physical map of Ascension Island
  6. Ascension Island is an isolated volcanic island, 7°56' south of the Equator in the South Atlantic Ocean. It is about 1,600 kilometres (1,000 mi) from the coast of Africa and 2,250 kilometres (1,400 mi) from the coast of Brazil. It is governed as part of the British Overseas Territory of Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha, of which the main island, Saint Helena, is around 1,300.

The current flag was flown for the first time on 11 May 2013. Prior to the adoption of this flag, the island used the Union Flag of the United Kingdom for official purposes. At its meeting on 3 March 2009, the Ascension Island Council discussed the idea of a new flag and agreed to develop a unique flag for the island in consultation with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office The Ascension Island Council is an elected body that provides advice to the Administrator of Ascension Island on matters relating to the governance of Ascension Island.The Council is made up of either five or seven Councillors, depending on the number of candidates standing for an election, and its meetings are chaired by the Administrator

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Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha is a British Overseas Territory.It is in the South Atlantic Ocean and is made up of the island of Saint Helena, Ascension Island and the island group called Tristan da Cunha.In total, there are eight islands and the main is St Helena with a total area for the territory of 308 square kilometres (119 sq mi) A detailed location map of Ascension Island. Image Credit: Wikipedia . Ascension Island lies midway between South America and Africa. It is a volcanic island that was completely barren before 1843. The island was first discovered by Afonso de Albuquerque in 1501 on Ascension Day—hence, the name Ascension Island is a tiny dot of green in the tropical mid-Atlantic, a volcanic outpost of empire where it's hot and cold at the same time. It's a place where Charles Darwin helped inspire an. Ascension är en brittisk ö i södra Atlanten, cirka 1 300 kilometer nordväst om Sankta Helena.Den tillhör det brittiska utomeuropeiska territoriet Sankta Helena, Ascension och Tristan da Cunha, dit förutom Sankta Helena bland annat Tristan da Cunha hör.. Ön har en yta på omkring 88 km² och cirka 1 100 invånare. Den största orten är Georgetown på västkusten, med 560 invånare (2003) English: Ascension Island - Ascension Island. Ascension Island is an island in the South Atlantic Ocean, east from Brazil and around 1,000 miles (1,600 km) from the coast of Africa.It is a dependency of the British overseas territory of Saint Helena, which is 800 miles (1,287 km) to the south east.The Island is named after the day of its recorded discovery, Ascension Day

アセンション島 (Ascension Island) は、南大西洋に浮かぶイギリス領の火山島。 大西洋中央海嶺上にあり、グリーン山 (859m) が島の最高峰である。 セントヘレナなどとともに、イギリスの海外領土 セントヘレナ・アセンションおよびトリスタンダクーニャを構成する Ascension Island (kalawom sa dagat sa Saint Helena) Kining maong panid sa pagklaro nagtala sa mga artikulo nga may samang titulo. Kon ang usa ka internal nga sumpay ang midala kanimo dinhi, palihog tabangi kami sa pag-ugmad sa Wikipedya pinaagi sa pag-edit aron modiretso sa target nga artikulo ang maong sumpay Ascension je sopečný ostrov na jihu Atlantského oceánu vzdálený asi 1600 km od pobřeží Afriky.Je součástí britského zámořského území Svatá Helena, Ascension a Tristan da Cunha.Od ostrova sv. Heleny je vzdálen 1 287 km severozápadně. Ostrov je pojmenovaný po dni, kdy byl zaznamenán jeho objev (Ascension day = Den Nanebevstoupení Páně)

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Ascension on Yhdistyneelle kuningaskunnalle kuuluva saari eteläisellä Atlantin valtamerellä Atlantin keskiselänteellä.. Saaren sijainti on eristäytynyt, Afrikan mantereelle on 1 600 km ja Saint Helenan saarelle 1 300 km. Saarella on tärkeä Kuninkaallisten ilmavoimien ja Yhdysvaltain ilmavoimien tukikohta, josta käytetään nimeä RAF Ascension Island tai Wideawake Airfield Otok Ascension je osamljen vulkanski otok v Južnem Atlantskem oceanu 7° 56' južno od ekvatorja.Nahaja se 1.600 km od obale Afrike in 2.250 km od obale Brazilija.Spada pod britansko čezmorsko ozemlje Sveta Helena, Ascension in Tristan da Cunha.Upravni otok Sv.Helena je od otoka Ascension oddaljena okoli 1.300 km južno, otočje Tristan da Cunha pa 3.730 km južno

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Location: Ascension Island lies in the South Atlantic (7 56'S, 14 22'W) 1300km northwest of the island of St Helena and covers an area of 88km 2. Climate: The climate is sub-tropical with temperatures ranging from 20°C to 38°C.Showers occur throughout the year with slightly heavier rains in the January to April period. Terrain: The island is volcanic, and its lower slopes and western. Ascension. Ascension este o insulă vulcanică în Atlanticul de Sud, situată la aproximativ 1600 km de coasta Africii. Este o dependență a teritoriului britanic de peste mări Sfânta Elena, Ascension și Tristan da Cunha situată la 1287 km nord-vest de Sfânta Elena . Insula Ascension încă nu are un drapel propriu

Kapuloan ang Ascension Islands sa Kanada. Nahimutang ni sa lalawigan sa Nunavut, sa sidlakang bahin sa nasod, 2,100 km sa amihanan sa Ottawa ang ulohan sa nasod. Naglangkob kin og 1.4 ka kilometro kwadrado. Ang yuta sa Ascension Islands daghan kaayong patag. Ang labing taas nga punto sa pulo mao ang 15 metros ibabaw sa dagat nga lebel Ascension Island bu àgwè nor na ndida Òrìmìlì Atlantic na otu obodo no na Afrịka no n'etiti Afrịka na Amerikạ. Saint Helena, Ascension na Tristan da Cunha bu British Overseas Territory, ya mere akụkụ nke Njikota Ochíchìézè.. Lee nke ozo. Afrịka; Òrìmìlì Atlanti Ascension is een geïsoleerd liggend vulkanisch eiland in de Atlantische Oceaan.Het ligt ongeveer 1600 km uit de kust van Afrika en 2250 km van de Braziliaanse kust. De oppervlakte van rond 90 km² is ongeveer 70% van het Nederlandse eiland Texel.Het valt onder de jurisdictie van Sint-Helena, Ascension en Tristan da Cunha en is een overzees gebiedsdeel van het Verenigd Koninkrijk

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El Ascension Island Council es de carácter electivo y lo constituyen siete miembros no remunerados. Asesora al gobernador en materia de política y legislativa. Sin embargo es el gobernador el que tiene la responsabilidad general del gobierno británico en temas de defensa, asuntos exteriores, seguridad interna y servicio público, así como. English: Wideawake Airfield on Ascension Island with a plane from Air Seychelles (on contract to the UK Ministry of Defence) to maintain the airlink between RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire and RAF Mount Pleasant in the Falkland Islands. Left of the centre is Green Mountain, the island's highest summit

Ascension (offiziell englisch Ascension Island) ist eine 88 km² große tropische Insel im Südatlantik zwischen Afrika und Südamerika. Sie bildet mit der Insel St. Helena und der Inselgruppe Tristan da Cunha das Britische Überseegebiet St. Helena, Ascension und Tristan da Cunha. Ihre Hauptstadt ist Georgetown Ascension ( Engels: Ascension Island) is 'n eiland in die suidelike Atlantiese Oseaan met 'n bevolking van 880 en 'n oppervlakte van 88 km². Ascension vorm saam met Sint Helena en Tristan da Cunha die Britse oorsese gebied Sint Helena, Ascension en Tristan da Cunha. Die hoofstad en grootste stad is Georgetown RAF Ascension, more commonly known as RAF Ascension Island, and sometimes known as Wideawake Airfield or Ascension Island Base, is a British Royal Air Force station on Ascension Island in the Atlantic Ocean, near the Equator. 1 History 2 Operations 3 Airlines and destinations 4 See also 5 References 6 External links In 1939 Ascension became important as a HF/DF radio station covering trade. Ascension Island. Ascension Island is a remote volcanic island located in the heart of the tropical South Atlantic Ocean.The island is about 2,300 km from the coast of Brazil and about 1,600 km from the African coast. Along with the islands of Saint Helena and Tristan da Cunha, Ascension Island forms a part of the British Overseas Territory of Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha

Ascension Island, in the Mid-Atlantic, would play a decisive role in the 1982 Falkland conflict and arguably, the operation ot retake the islands would have been impossible without it. Situated in the Atlantic Ocean at 7° 57' south latitude and 14° 22' west longitude the volcanic peak island is only 97km2 Template:Country data Ascension Island is an internal data container not intended to be transcluded directly. It is used indirectly by templates such as flag, flagicon, and others. This template is within the scope of WikiProject Flag Template, a collaborative effort to maintain flag templates on Wikipedia Đảo Ascension (Ascension Island) là một đảo núi lửa tách biệt trong Đại Tây Dương, cách xích đạo 7°56' về phía nam. Nó cách bờ biển châu Phi khoảng 1.600 kilômét (1.000 dặm) và cách bờ biển Brasil chừng 2.250 kilômét (1.400 dặm), tức đâu đó trong khoảng giữa của vùng biển giữa Nam Mỹ và châu Phi Ascension er ei britisk øy i det sørlige Atlanterhavet, cirka 1300 kilometer nordvest for Sankt Helena.Den tilhører det britiske oversjøiske territoriet St. Helena, Ascension og Tristan da Cunha, fram til 2009 kjent som St. Helena og avhengige områder.Øya har en befolkning på 806 (2016) The Ascension Island Council is an elected body that provides advice to the Administrator on matters relating to the governance of Ascension Island. As a result of changes in the constitutional arrangements for Ascension Island, the first Island Council of seven members was elected and took office on 01 November 2002

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Ficheiro:Flag of Ascension Island.svg. Origem: Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre. Dimensões desta antevisão em PNG do ficheiro SVG: 800 × 400 píxeis Outras resoluções: 320 × 160 píxeis | 640 × 320 píxeis | 1 024 × 512 píxeis | 1 280 × 640 píxeis | 2 560 × 1 280 píxeis | 1 000 × 500 píxeis. Esta imagem provém do Wikimedia. Template:Kintra data Ascension Island is an internal data container not intended to be transcluded directly. It is used indirectly by templates such as flag, flagicon, and others Anyway I need to explain my first sentence above and let you know the role of the BBC on the Island. In the 1960s the BBC determined Ascension Island to be a perfect location for the transmission of the BBC World Service (radio) into Africa and Latin America and accordingly World Service transmitters had to be, and were, set up at English Bay - the BBC Atlantic Relay Station - and.

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Ascension Islands är öar i Kanada. [1] De ligger i provinsen Nunavut, i den östra delen av landet, 2 100 km norr om huvudstaden Ottawa.Arean är 1,4 kvadratkilometer. Terrängen på Ascension Islands är mycket platt. [a] Öns högsta punkt är 15 meter över havet.Den sträcker sig 1,8 kilometer i nord-sydlig riktning, och 1,6 kilometer i öst-västlig riktning For life threatening emergencies, call 911. ascension online care. The care you need, online, anytime. We're here 24/7 with care that fits your schedule. No driving, no parking, and no waiting room. We work quickly to understand you and your unique situation so we can provide the care you need to get you feeling better faster

Tugpahanan ang RAF Ascension Island sa Santaylena (Hiniusang Gingharian). Nahimutang ni sa administratibong yunit sa Ascension, sa amihanang bahin sa nasod, 1,300 km sa amihanan-kasadpan sa Jamestown ang ulohan sa nasod. 84 metros ibabaw sa dagat kahaboga ang nahimutangan sa RAF Ascension Island. Ang RAF Ascension Island nahimutang sa pulo sa Ascension Island Template:Politics of Ascension Island; 2019 Ascension general election; Uisage on eo.wikipedia.org ISO 3166-2:SH; Uisage on es.wikipedia.org Isla Ascensión; Anexo:Escudos de territorios dependientes; Anexo:Escudos del Reino Unido; Escudo de la Isla de Ascensión; Uisage on eu.wikipedia.org Ascension; Uisage on fa.wikipedia.org جزیره. For years, the sharks of Ascension Island stayed away from its coast. But the popularity of big-game fishing has lured them close to shore, where giant, protein-packed rewards abound Template:Country data Puro Ascension is an internal data container not intended to be transcluded directly. It is used indirectly by templates such as flag , flagicon , and others. This template is within the scope of WikiProject Flag Template , a collaborative effort to maintain flag templates on Wikipedia SH. Internet TLD. .sh. .ac. For the Owerseas Territories. Saunt Helena, Ascension an Tristan da Cunha is a Breetish Owerseas Territory in the soothren Atlantic Ocean consistin o the island o Saunt Helena, Ascension Island an the airchipelago o Tristan da Cunha

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  1. Ascension ni kisiwa chenye asili ya volikano kilichoko kusini kidogo kwa ikweta, katika Bahari ya Atlantiki, kilomita 1,600 hivi kutoka Afrika na 2,300 hivi kutoka Amerika Kusini ().. Wakazi wote ni 806 tu (sensa ya mwaka 2016).Kiutawala kiko chini ya koloni la Saint Helena, ambalo liko chini ya Ufalme wa Muungano.. Jina lilitokana na sherehe ya Kupaa Bwana, ambayo ndiyo siku ya mwaka 1501.
  2. Ascension Island Tourism: Tripadvisor has 68 reviews of Ascension Island Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Ascension Island resource
  3. Ascension (engelsk: Oppstigning, himmelfart) er eit britisk oversjøisk territorium i det sørlege Atlanterhavet.Øya ligg sør for ekvator på 7. breiddegrad, ca 1600 km aust for kysten av Afrika og 2250 km vest for kysten av Brasil.Tidlegare låg øya under det britiske territoriet St. Helena, men frå og med 2009 er det del av eininga St. Helena, Ascension og Tristan da Cunha, der dei tre.

Cheap flights to Ascension Island (null). Get started finding a cheap flight to Ascension Island on Expedia by either choosing a deal on this page or entering into the search bar your travel dates, origin airport, and whether you want roundtrip or one-way airfare The Island is a map included with the base game. It is the first known ARK and is the first map that follows with the storyline. 1 Overview 2 The Island Map 2.1 Regions 2.2 Approximate Spawn Locations 2.3 Data Maps 3 Creatures 3.1 Event Creatures 4 Explorer Notes 5 Artifacts 6 Spotlight 7 Notes/Trivia 8 Changelog 9 Gallery 10 External links 11 Webresources The Island consists of multiple. Ascension je ostrvo u Južnom Atlantiku, udaljeno je oko 1600 km od obale Afrike.Predstavlja pridruženu teritoriju britanskog prekomorskog posjeda Sveta Helena, od koga je udaljen oko 1287 km na sjeverozapadu.Ostrvo je dobilo ime po danu kada je otkriveno, po prazniku Uzašašća.. Glavni grad Ascensiona je Georgetown, koji ima oko 450 stanovnika.. Ascension (ostrov) Alžbeta II. 88 km² ( 219 .) Ascension je názov ostrova vulkanického pôvodu, ležiaceho asi 1 600 km od pobrežia Afriky v južnej časti Atlantiku. Ostrov s rozlohou 82 km² patrí Spojenému kráľovstvu ako súčasť Svätej Heleny. Najväčšie mesto je správne centrum Georgetown, ktoré má okolo 450 obyvateľov Ascension. Ascension ( ingelesez: Ascension Island) Ozeano Atlantikoko hegoaldean kokatuta dagoen uharte bat da. Santa Helena eta Tristan da Cunharekin batera Santa Helena, Ascension eta Tristan da Cunhako Erresuma Batuko dependentzia osatzen dute. 97 km² -ko azalera eta 1.100 biztanle ditu. Hiriburua Georgetown da

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L'isola dell'Ascensione (in inglese Ascension Island) è un'isola dell'oceano Atlantico meridionale, situata poco a Sud dell'equatore a 1 600 km dalla costa dell'Africa.Fa parte del territorio britannico d'oltremare di Sant'Elena, Ascensione e Tristan da Cunha (a 1 300 km verso sudest) ed è così chiamata per essere stata scoperta nel giorno dell'Ascensione di Gesù L'île de l'Ascension [1] est une île de l'océan Atlantique sud, située dans l'hémisphère austral, juste au nord du 8 e parallèle sud, entre l'Afrique et l'Amérique du Sud et à 1 544 kilomètres au sud-sud-ouest des côtes méridionales du Liberia.Elle fait partie du territoire britannique d'outre-mer de Sainte-Hélène, Ascension et Tristan da Cunha Tiedosto:Flag of Ascension Island.svg. Tämän PNG-esikatselun koko koskien SVG-tiedostoa: 800 × 400 kuvapistettä. Muut resoluutiot: 320 × 160 kuvapistettä | 640 × 320 kuvapistettä | 1 024 × 512 kuvapistettä | 1 280 × 640 kuvapistettä | 2 560 × 1 280 kuvapistettä | 1 000 × 500 kuvapistettä. Tämä tiedosto on tiedostotietokanta. Template:Country data Ascension Island is an internal data container not intended to be transcluded directly. It is used indirectly by templates such as flag , flagicon , and others. This template is within the scope of WikiProject Flag Template , a collaborative effort to maintain flag templates on Wikipedia

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RAF Ascension Island Un Lockheed L-1011 TriStar de la RAF sur l'île de l'Ascension en 2002. Localisation; Pays Royaume-Uni: Territoire britannique d'outre-mer: Sainte-Hélène, Ascension et Tristan da Cunha: Ville Georgetown: Date d'ouverture 1939 Coordonnées : 7° 58′ 10″ sud, 14° 23′ 38″ ouest: Altitude: 78 m (256 ft RAF Ascension Island. /  -7.969667, -14.393667. /  -7.969667, -14.393667. La base aérea RAF Ascension Island ( IATA: ASI , OACI: FHAW) (también conocida como Wideawake Airfield o Ascension Island Base) es una base militar de la Real Fuerza Aérea británica en la isla Ascensión, en el Océano Atlántico Sur. Forma parte de la British. Orientamento ( QFU) Lunghezza. Superficie. 13/31. 3.054 m. Asfalto. No Instrument landing system (ILS) Modifica dati su Wikidata · Manuale. La base aerea di Ascension o aeroporto Ascension Island o Wideawake Airport è un aeroporto militare della Royal Air Force britannica situato nell' isola di Ascensione e abilitato per il trasporto passeggeri

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Ascension Island is a special place and I doubt I will ever experience fishing like this again as long as I live. Figures are perhaps meaningless here, but just to illustrate a sense of scale, three of us landed something close to 3500lb of wonderful fish in seven days, and this does not include all of the tuna caught at. sea from the boat Pulau Ascension. Daripada Wikipedia, ensiklopedia bebas. Pulau Ascension ialah sebuah pulau di Lautan Atlantik Selatan, sekitar 1,000 batu (1,600 km )daripada pesisir pantai Afrika. Ia adalah bekas koloni Saint Helena, iaitu 800 batu (1,287 km) di tenggara Das Wideawake Airfield bzw.RAF Ascension Island ist ein Militärflugplatz der britischen Royal Air Force (RAF) auf der Insel Ascension im Südatlantik, der gemeinsam mit der US-Luftwaffe betrieben wird. Letztere bezeichnen es als Ascension Island Auxiliary Airfield.Die zum Stützpunkt gehörende nordwestlich gelegene Siedlung Traveller's Hill hat ungefähr 200 Einwohner

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Ascension's clinker, volcanic ash, and reddish hues must have seemed like another planet. Indeed, some have compared Ascension's surface to Mars. Despite the surrounding ocean, most of the island, under a relentless tropical sun, is a parched desert Ascension Island is an isolated volcanic island, 7°56′ south of the Equator in the South Atlantic Ocean.It is about 1,000 miles (1,600 km) from the coast of Africa and 1,400 miles (2,300 km) from the coast of Brazil.It is governed as part of the British Overseas Territory of Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha, of which the main.

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Ascension Day 2022. Thu, May 26, 2022 - 57 countries. Mon, May 30, 2022 - Colombia. Ascension Day is the 40th day of Easter. It occurs 39 days after Easter Sunday. It is a Christian holiday that commemorates Jesus Christ's ascension into heaven, according to Christian belief. Ascension Day marks the 40th day after Jesus Christ's. Nomme ofiçiâ: Ascension Island, tæritöio d'oltremâ britannego de l'Oçeano Atlantico dipendente da Sant'Ellena, a seu capitâle a l'é Georgetown (450 abitànti). Into 2016 i abitanti êan ciù ò mêno 680. L'Îzoa de Ascensión a l'è usâ prinçipalmente comme base militâre da-o Regno Unïo e da-i Stati Unïi A new subfossil night heron and a new genus for the extinct rail from Ascension Island, central tropical Atlantic Ocean. Ardea 91, Heft 1, 2003: S. 45-51 PDF Volltext További információk [ szerkesztés as·cen·sion (ə-sĕn′shən) n. 1. The act or process of ascending; ascent. 2. Astronomy The rising of a star above the horizon. 3. Ascension a. In Christianity, the bodily rising of Jesus into heaven on the 40th day after his Resurrection. b. A feast celebrating this event, observed on Ascension Day. [Middle English ascensioun, from Old French.

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Ascension Islands - grupa małych, niezamieszkanych wysp należąca do Archipelagu Arktycznego, znajdująca się w regionie Kivalliq, Nunavut, Kanada.Są położone u wschodnich brzegów wyspy Southampton.Na południowy wschód od nich znajduje się Caribou Island.. Linki zewnętrzne. Ascension Islands, Nunavut, Canada (ang.). travelingluck.com. [dostęp 2013-12-06] To speak to the Falkland Islands Government Office in London, please call: +44 (0)20 7222 2542. To speak to a Falkland Islands Government representative in Stanley, please call: +500 27400. Follow us on Twitter! @FalklandsGov. Find us on Facebook! Search Falkland Islands Government. Please get in touch by email by clicking on this lin Georgetown es el centro administrativo de la isla de Ascensión, en el Atlántico Sur.En ella reside el administrador de la isla (dependiente del gobernador de Santa Helena) y en ella se encuentra el edificio de gobierno, el Ascension Island Government Office.Debe su nombre al rey Jorge III, quien reinaba en Reino Unido el 22 de octubre de 1815, fecha de la toma de posesión de Ascensión por. Green Mountain ist ein Nationalpark und Berg auf Ascension, einer Insel des Britischen Überseegebietes St. Helena, Ascension und Tristan da Cunha im Südatlantik.. Green Mountain, der lokal auch als The Peak bekannt ist, ist mit 859 m die höchste Erhebung der Insel

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Stoltenhoff Island ligger strax utanför Nightingale Island och tillhör den brittiska ögruppen Tristan da Cunha i södra Atlanten, belägen 2 500 km sydväst om Sankt Helena.Området tillhör området St Helena and dependencies. Geografi. Ön är en obebodd vulkanö och har en area av endast 0,2 km² Middle Island ligger strax utanför Nightingale Island och tillhör den brittiska ögruppen Tristan da Cunha i södra Atlanten, belägen 2 500 kilometer nordväst om Sankta Helena.Ögruppen Tristan da Cunha tillhör det brittiska utomeuropeiska territoriet Sankta Helena, Ascension och Tristan da Cunha.. Geografi. Ön är en obebodd vulkanö och har en area av endast 0,2 kvadratkilometer Ascension Parish, Louisiana. 107.215 (2010.) Ascension Parish, Louisiana ( engl. Ascension Parish) je okrug u američkoj saveznoj državi Luizijana

Government House (Ascension) Das Government House ( deutsch Regierungshaus) ist der Sitz der Legislative bzw. Exekutive, dem Inselrat ( englisch Island Council) von Ascension, einem gleichberechtigten Teil des Britischen Überseegebiets St. Helena, Ascension und Tristan da Cunha. Es steht in der Hauptstadt Georgetown Reginald Aldworth Daly: The geology of Ascension Island. In: Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1925 (60), 3-80. Philip Ashmole und Myrtle J. Ashmole: St Helena and Ascension Island. A natural history. Nelson, Oswestry 2000, ISBN 978--904614-61-9. Webling Wikipedia se. Hian pe des ke dunia ke map me dekhawa jaawe hai. British Virgin Islands, Virgin Islands ke ek hissa hae, jiske uppar duuno United States aur United Kingdom raaj kare hae. Isme solah island aisan hae jisme log rahe hae. Iske area 153 km² hae aur 22,000 log hian pe rahe hae. Iske capital city, Road Town hae jon ki Tortola island.

Cinema. Ascension - film del 2002 diretto da Karim Hussain; Fumetti. Ascension - fumetto statunitense creato da David Finch e Matt Banning e pubblicato dalla Top Cow Productions; Geografia. Isola di Ascensione (Ascension Island) - isola dell'oceano Atlantico; Musica. Ascension - album di John Coltrane del 1965; Ascension - album di Pep Love del 2001; Ascension - album di Misia del 200 Vlag en wapen worden sinds koninklijke toestemming in augustus 2012 officieel gebruikt door het bestuur van Ascension. Een officieuze vlag werd gebruikt om Ascension Island tijdens Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant in juni 2012 te symboliseren. Dit was een blauw vaandel beladen met het in januari 2012 voorgestelde wapen Voici une liste des phares dans l'Île de l'Ascension [1], [2. Phare. Nom Image Année de construction Localisation et coordonnées Classe de lumière [2] Hauteur focale [2] Référence NGA [2] Référence Amirauté [2] Portée [2] Clarence Bay Entrance Range Front Lighthouse: n/a: 7° 55′ 35,9″ S, 14° 24′ 31,8″ O.

Kondado ang Ascension Parish (Prinanses: Paroisse d'Ascension, Kinatsila: Parroquia de Ascension, Prinanses: Paroisse de lAscension) sa Tinipong Bansa. Nahimutang ni sa estado sa Louisiana, sa habagatan-sidlakang bahin sa nasod, 1,600 km sa habagatan-kasadpan sa Washington, D.C. Adunay 107,215 ka molupyo. Naglangkob kin og 784 ka kilometro kwadrado. Ascension Parish mopakigbahin sa usa ka. Airticles in category Island kintras. The follaein 73 pages is in this categerie, oot o 73 awthegither Nightingale Island tillhör den brittiska ögruppen Tristan da Cunha i södra Atlanten, belägen 2 500 km sydväst om Sankt Helena.Förutom huvudön ingår även de obebodda öarna Middle Island och Stoltenhoff Island.Området tillhör området St Helena and dependencies. Geografi. Ön är en obebodd vulkanö och har en area av 2,6 km² med en högsta höjd på cirka 300 m

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